وظائف شاغرة لدى منظمة أطباء بلا حدود براتب يصل الى 2400 دينار

الوصف الوظيفي

Apply medical knowledge and skills to diagnose and prevention. Carry out outpatient and inpatient consultations, prescribing the necessary treatment
respecting MSF protocols.
Keep the patient and/or his/her family informed about the illness and provide appropriate explanations about the treatment to follow, checking they have understood.
Check and control the rational distribution of medicines and equipment under his/her responsibility and take care the quality, disinfection and sterilization of the medical material. Assure general compliance with standing hygiene standards.
Participate in the collection and analysis of epidemiological data, checking its validity and
informing the line manager or project coordinator about any problem or complication of the patients’ illness, medical error and monitors the proper
functioning of the department, equipment or material.
Treat chronic diseases focusing on hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease (COPD and Asthma) and diabetes.
Ensure rational prescribing of medications according to MSF/MoH guidelines and assist in forecasting medical consumption.
To collaborate with MAM, PMR and other staff in quality improvement (through case discussions, audits, patient and staff safety reviews, update of
protocols, etc) and to act as lead among doctors in the clinic site.
Participate in doing quality review in the delivery of care provided by the MDs.

Salary: 2400 JOD
Contract: Six month fixed term contract with the possibility of switching into an open ended contract based on the overall performance & operational needs.

تفاصيل الوظيفة

منطقة الوظيفةاربد, الأردن
قطاع الشركةالمجتمع/الخدمات الإجتماعية/المنظمات الغير ربحية
طبيعة عمل الشركةمنظمة غير ربحية
الدور الوظيفيالطب والرعاية الصحية والتمريض
نوع التوظيفدوام كامل
الراتب الشهريغير محدد
عدد الوظائف الشاغرة1

المرشح المفضل

المستوى المهني متوسط الخبرة
عدد سنوات الخبرةالحد الأدنى: 2
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Internal Medicine, Family Medicine (Recognized by MoH – Jordan)