مطلوب لشركة تعمل في مجال الفنادق Sales Agent
Hotels company responsible for
Loyalty Card Membership need Sales Agent (Female) for sales department Indoor 
You’ll be working in call center specialized in hotel marketing, contacting potential customers by phone to persuade them to buy company services & packages .
You will be making outgoing calls based on a script; during each phone call, you’re likely to :
1. Describe the product benefits and any special offers. 
2. Persuade customers in company packages.
3. Gather and documents data for potential customers.
4. Enter your notes into sales task including dates for follow up calls.
5. Tale orders and arrange appointment for delivery employers .

 3-4 years of experience in sales field (seiner level)
* Competitive salaries & high Commissions
* 6 days a week from 9:00 - 3:30
* Good looking & character 

Send C.V with new personal photo to: (