مطلوب موظفين من كلا الجنسين للعمل لدى مجموعة التعليم من اجل التوظيف مرحب بحديثي التخرج 

We are looking for fresh graduates as Training Officer. Qualification:
1- Ability to work independently and as a part of a team
2- Strong verbal and written communications skills in English and Arabic
3- Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications including Excel and Word
4- Valid driver’s license and willingness to travel If you are interested, send your CV to


Jordan EFE is a non-profit organization established in 2006 as an affiliate of Education for Employment (EFE)–a network of NGOs across the Middle East and North Africa dedicated to fighting youth unemployment. JEFE was created in response to Jordan’s distinct problem of a growing local economy that is failing to absorb its youth population. Our organization looks to rectify the two serious challenges at the core of the youth unemployment crisis in Jordan:
The first challenge is the discrepancy between the country’s educational system and the skills demanded by the growing private sector. More than 25% of firms in the region report the lack of relevant skills among workers as a major constraint on business growth, representing a higher rate than in other regions such as Latin America and Africa.
The second major challenge of youth unemployment is a rigid social environment, which discourages, and sometimes impedes, upward mobility in society. Without gainful employment and the ability to improve their lives, young people are excluded from meaningful participation in their own societies. Unless this trend is reversed, the economic and social marginalization of so many young Jordanians will impede the country’s development for generations to come, hindering the potential for any continued economic growth.
JEFE thus believes that providing youth with job training and employment opportunities will directly influence the alleviation of poverty, as well as the economic advancement of Jordan. At this crucial time in our country, economic inclusion of young people is necessary for the progression and development of society. Ambitious and motivated youth today are facing an economic and educational gap that is a threat to their basic human rights.
JEFE believes that every young person deserves an opportunity to get a job appropriate to their skill set and establish a sustainable livelihood. JEFE uses a distinguished, demand-driven training model which begins with employers committing to provide jobs for our participants after they have completed their training. JEFE addresses the issue of youth unemployment by listening to the voices of both the private sector, and the youth. We use this information to develop tailor-made vocational, technical, and managerial training programs that meet the current needs of employers and inspire them to invest in youth in order to empower them economically.
JEFE has partnered with over 80 private-sector employers and has been an influence in providing 4,500 Jordanian youth with high quality job training and mentorship, ensuring workforce readiness while engaging the local communities – as well as community based organizations – to provide maximum integration and involvement within the private sector.
Because of our belief in the importance of providing a solution to this prevalent problem, JEFE is committed to training and employing vulnerable, underprivileged youth, ages 18 to 26 in order to give them a sense of hope and dignity.