مطلوب موظف IT للعمل لدى هيئة الاغاثة الاسلامية براتب ٥١٠ دينار

Islamic Relief Worldwide
Islamic Relief Jordan is a country branch of Islamic Relief Worldwide. Islamic Relief Worldwide is an internationally recognized charity (Charity No.: 328158), looking back on nearly 30 years of experience in humanitarian and developmental aid. It was founded in 1984 in Birmingham, UK, in response to the devastating famine in the Horn of Africa. Since then, Islamic Relief has grown into a charity that is active worldwide, putting development projects, emergency aid, and rebuilding projects into action in over 28 countries around the world.
Islamic Relief Jordan (IRJ) began its operations in 1997 with orphan’s sponsorship, sponsoring hundreds of orphans living in Jordan. IRJ extended its programs to seasonal projects with Ramadan and Qurbani distributions and In-Kind donations. IRJ has established strong partnership with international non-governmental organization and local one’s strengthening the overall response to the Syria crisis. At the onset of Syria humanitarian crisis in late 2011, IRJ provided emergency response to those affected by violence in Syria and has since then scaled up its capacity and operations with number of 110 staff across the country.
Islamic Relief Jordan country office is seeking to hire the following position:
Database Assistant – Male 
IRW is an International organization with its HQ based in Birmingham UK. IR Jordan office began its operations in 1997 with orphan’s sponsorship, then extended its programs to seasonal projects with Ramadan and Eid distributions and In-Kind donations, in 2012 IRJ started its operations in responding to Syrian crisis, and provided assistance in several sectors like Food, Education, Psychosocial support, livelihood, and Health.
IRJ has established strong partnership with international non-governmental organization and local one’s strengthening the overall response to the Syria crisis.
Unit Background
IRJ programme unit works toward introducing relevant interventions to Jordanians as well as Syrians and Palestinians refugees that would impact their lives and improve their life conditions. IRJ programme unit act upon IRW mandate to ensure Safe, dignified and peaceful living conditions for refugees, The programme unit is strategizing the Syrian intervention and working toward a holistic integrated approach with the host community and planning to move toward early recovery and then development to ensure sustainability through introducing innovative approaches in education promotion, community development and income generation.
As part of its quality of performance and implementation, Program unit has established a database for the past two years, and is working to develop the current practices, accordingly the database assistant position will be supporting the database officer to perform tasks as below:
  • The Database assistant bears full responsibility for maintaining accurate and complete databases of all IRJ programme and data. He/she will perform data entry, data analysis, data cleansing, and accurate filing of all processed documents, as well as support in data analysis and reporting requirements.
  • To enter all data and figures as requested accurately and rapidly.
  • To provide program team, with data outputs upon request;
  • To maintain up-to-date databases as required, including across all relevant programs and supporting all relevant departments / units
  • To collect all documents needed for the database and enter each beneficiary into the project database for projects.
  • To support in the preparation of all reports (through data processing or data analysis) upon request by line Manager.
  • Preparing essential program documents for activities (list of beneficiaries , distribution lists etc.) and contribute to preparations and organization of activities;
  • Supporting project staff in the execution of all necessary project activities, including administrative and logistical support;
  • Receive the redeemed vouchers and conduct the required process for checking and payments.
  • Monitor all inventory documents and ensure all documents are clear and completed.
  • Raise any risks to line manager
  • Follow up with the finance regarding payments and invoicing.
  • Transportation will be available from Amman office to the field office upon needed
  • Perform field visits and beneficiaries assessment in homes upon request
  • Any other task designated by the line/Project Manage
Technical skills and experience:
  • Communication skills
  • Fast response and ability to respond to emergencies.
  • Strong competencies in all computer related tasks including Word, Excel, and Access is strongly desirable. An ability to learn new computer related skills rapidly is essential.
Core humanitarian competencies:
  • Understanding of humanitarian contexts and principles:
Achieving Results effectively:
  • Ability to work in participatory manner with other staff or team members
  • Organized and problem-solving skills.
  • Good organizational skills and ability to perform data processing tasks rigorously required.
Developing and maintaining relationships:
  • Establish and maintain clear communication and dialogue with disaster and conflict affected people and other stakeholders.
Managing yourself in a pressured and changing environment:
  • Demonstrated ability at being flexible and adapt to changing situations.
  • The ability to remain calm while dealing with conflicting priorities and working under pressure.
Operating safely and securely in a humanitarian response:
  • Stress management
  • Remain constructive and positive under stress to be able to tolerate difficult and sometimes threatening environments.
EDUCATION and Experience
  • Bachelor degree in IT, business, MIS, CIS, or any related field
  • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply
  • Have sufficient experience working with excel and data collection and analysis
  • Good in spoken and written English
  • Very good in spoken and written Arabic
Additional Information:
  • Salary 518 JOD
  • Closing date: 08th Nov.2018